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Calling it a time for Website/mobile app redesign!!

Your online existence is the most treasured mechanism to build creditability, to beat competition, have a wide reach and drive more business. We all are aware that the world of website/mobile app is altering fast. A lot of design trends comes and go. The well-known user interface styles of todays time can be tomorrows faux pas. 

We all have some possessions we grasp onto for way too long and are never willing to invest the time and money on redesigning. However, we need to probably face that we need it and its the time to give the website/mobile app a professional refurbishment and a fresh coat of pixels.A website/mobile app redesigning is not a small assignment or investment, but it surely pays dividends in the long run.

There is always a need to redesign website/mobile apps to suit both the aesthetic taste and personalized needs of customers as the trends keep evolving with time. 

What Redesigning Website/Mobile Apps Means?

Unlike a simple update in the website/mobile app by adding new page, updating photos etc., a complete redesigning includes changing one or all of the below mentioned pointers:

  1. Content updation
  2. Software update running website/mobile app
  3. Dwindling conversion rate
  4. Changing the business audience
  5. Expansion of market outreach
  6. Implementation of new features
  7. Overall look of pages

Signs Indicating the Website/Mobile App Redesigning need:

How will you figure out and distinguish the website/mobile apps that need to be redesigned?

Lets consider, several years ago, you developed a website/mobile app and now:

  • Website/mobile app quality and view is pitiable and awkward to be represented
  • Lack of popularity
  • Content is vague and not connected 
  • The website isnt mobile friendly
  • Company look does not matches the brand 
  • Conversion rate has dropped
  • Downward fall in sales or leads
  • Competitors beats you in every manner
  • Ranking on Google is lower
  • Website/mobile app management is difficult and has old CMS
  • Revenue generation is reducing
  • Need to reassign with marketing goals

Then, your website/mobile app surely need a redesign.


Outdated Look

A website/Mobile app layout which isnt optimized with the modern day browser and is tuned up with an outdated technology will affect the traffic. Broken links, outdated offers, bad layout, unlinked redirections, hidden content, outdated product/services, boring & unattractive colors and confusing navigation create negative impact and is usually frustrating for users.

If your website/mobile app is still built on flash which is difficult for the search engines to read and difficult to access or is running on plugins which are not updated in years, then you are not effectively and efficiently using the same. 

A nice looking and easy to use website/mobile app provides assurance that the company is far sighted and on the top of trends and technologies.Functionality of website/mobile apps should be a paramount focus for you.

Thus, attractive yet appealing look is the necessity.

Poor Responsiveness

Now a day, user experience has become a newer discipline and they expect a seamless experience across all devices.UX deals with the emotional experience of visitor while navigating via website/mobile app and alignment of their intentions.

People will look else where and not wait around, if the website/mobile apps take too long to download. Test the speed manually by opening and browsing it on mobile devices and desktop computers. If you discover that your website/mobile app is tough to navigate, have slow load time, high bounce rate, low average time each page and is complex, it can leave a bad taste in users mouth and cost you valuable leads. 

If the company is spending most of the precious time in fixing technical bugs of the website/mobile apps, then the website/mobile apps needs to be optimized by availing new hosting options, content management systems, shopping cart programs, or even changing the entire framework.

Living in todays multi-screen culture, you need satisfy the behavior of user by improving UX for which you need to consider the below mentioned factors:

  • Understand your users behavior
  • Co-relate the website/mobile app goals with users requirement
  • Implement user analytics software

This will inevitably affect your credibility, trustworthiness, click-through rate, lead generation and sales.

Unrelated content and technology

Traffic is usually driven by fresh content. If the website/mobile app is not updated regularly, the users will not be the frequent visitors. You need to simplify the processes for frequent updates. You would be able to implement a smart content plan if you continue to update the algorithms of search engine. Third party tools including wordpress, API, plugins, shopping cart widgets etc. allow the website/mobile app to add new functionality. However, over time, these popular tools will also become outdated and demand a change. Consider the below mentioned factors to estimate the necessity of change:

  • Proper functioning of third party tools
  • Speed of website/mobile app on different devices
  • Availability of new and improved version.

If your website/mobile app does not allow the users to easily find content, search engines are not effective and incorporating calls to action is difficult then a website/mobile app redesigning can help you improve your site architecture making it more SEO friendly.


Competition is considered as a main motivator for giving a new and refreshing experience to your website/mobile apps. Outdated designs provide subtle signals to the users, while the fresh design proves the users that the business is thriving.

If your competitors underwent a change in text size, colors, and graphic styles and looks etc., you need to consider getting a feedback from professional designer.Obviously, there is no need to give your website/mobile app an overhaul every time your competitors make a change. If the ranking of competitors are substantially improved then roll up your sleeves and get busy with some alterations to your website/mobile app.

Incompatibility of website with mobile devices

You are missing on a huge customer potential if the website does not support the mobile traffic. There are chances that the visitors switch to other vendors if the site version is not optimized. Mobile sites have different coding requirement and framework which needs to be considered while redesigning.

Check on the website on different mobile devices on following ground:

  • Navigation of site on smaller screen
  • Image view on site
  • Text legibility

Branding, product/services update

Website/mobile apps must portray a strong brand image and represent the personality and nature of company accurately to the users for standing out the competition and leveling the playing field.

There are chances that your website/mobile apps are not representative of your company which can be analyzed in below cases:

  • Outdated photos of staff and facilities
  • Change in product and services
  • Update in the information and looks of product/services
  • Change in the target market
  • Color fitting and photos quality is poor
  • Logo placement is not accurate
  • Voice consistency 

If you feel the need that the services/products have grown and the old website/mobile app does not reflect the full suite of services then consider engaging with the designer experienced in rebranding and redesigning.

Poor lead conversion and decreasing profitability

You need to check whether your website/mobile app is getting the results you wanted? Is the website/mobile app gorgeous, functional and pixel perfect? You might be facing certain issues due to which the users are not converting on your site including lack of clear calls to action, accessibility problems, hard to find content, complicated user flows with too many clicks etc. All these reasons will prevent visitors to take actions on the website/mobile app.

You can get a clear idea of what needs to be adjusted by examining your visitor-to-lead and lead-to-customer conversion rates. You can measure the success of business by analyzing the actual reach, lead conversion rate, abandonment rate, value/pricing range. If you arent happy with your results, its time to redesign. 

A new website/mobile app design which is streamlined with the correct calls to action allows user to better optimize the same for lead generation. Implement the strategy of call to action across each page for converting the visitors into leads.

Top Website/Mobile Apps who experienced redesigning

  1. Instagram: Instagram has undergone major modifications such as stripping the color, noise from surface, boosted color on surfaces.
  2. Uber: Uber modified the scrollable feed of card appearing on the bottom of screen to make it much faster and simpler than before.
  3. Yelp: Yelp redesigned its application for improving UX. The navigation element, color scheme, appearance of the log has been updated.

Apart from the above, top favorite brands including Facebook, Airbnb, Twitter and many more realized the ultimate value of the redesign initiative for their website/mobile app to stay ahead of the competition.

Final Thoughts

Modern, fresh, intuitive Website/Mobile apps are the first impression of your business on users. Even though it involves costs time and money, but just like the plant dies it not watered on time, redesigning isnt a task to be taken lightly.

AppWebStudios help clients to enhance their brand and deliver real business results by building their web presence from scratch, actively assisting users to update and refresh their current websites/mobile apps with modern and proven strategies.

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